The Nook Yoga

The Nook Yoga Laura Colucci

Yoga By the Sea.

The Nook Yoga Studio is an intimate yoga studio on Bracklesham Bay. Offering weekly classes in studio and online via zoom.

For a studio space please ensure you book in advance, as space is limited. Kindly note there is a 24hr cancellation policy.



Slow Flow

Sunday: 8-9 am (Nook + Zoom)


Yin Yoga + Meditation

One Saturday per month: 7-8  pm


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Slow Flow - Beginners | Intermediate 

A Hatha inspired, alignment-based practice. Emphasis on posture and breath to bring balance, strength and calmness to the body and mind. 

Suitable for beginners, or those wanting a slower class to focus on their yoga foundations. The class involves simpler poses and sequences that do not require a level of pre-existing strength and flexibility.

Various options are given for all postures (asanas), based on ability. The class involves a gentle flow but also static postures to increase strength and flexibility. 

Class involves breathing exercies (pranyama). The slow flow class slows down the postures and encourages students to move mindfully linking movement and breath throughout the class.


Yin Yoga + Meditation

Yin Yoga is a quiet, seated practice that uses long, passive holds to release the body’s fascia – the deep inter-connective tissue under the skin that connects all of our muscles and organs. Through the long holds it works to release tension in the body and increase flexibility. 

Yin Yoga works to find balance in the body. A wonderful compliment to a Yang (Power Yoga) practice. Poses are held for  2-5 minutes and the aim is to increase flexibility and allow the body to fully release both physically and mentally. Props of bolsters, blankets and blocks are used to aid with opening up the body and for those wanting a more restorative practice. 

Yin Yoga + Meditation classes are held one Saturday evening a month at The Nook. In the winter months the class is taught by the warmth of a wood burner. Summer months, the studio doors are drawn open to let in the soothing sounds of the sea. 

Great for those looking for a deeply relaxing and introspective evening.