Yogamatters Female Founded Spotlight

Tell us a bit about your background and your journey to where you are now…

I’ve practiced yoga for over 25 years on and off the mat and qualified as a teacher 15 years ago.  Five years ago, I opened a yoga studio The Nook at my home in West Sussex by the sea. It was at my studio that I designed and created the Aromatherapy Eye Pillows, Yoga Mat Sprays and Room Sprays that I use in my classes. It was from here that the Spritz Wellness brand was born. 

What was your inspiration to start Spritz Wellness?

My inspiration to start Spritz Wellness was the power of aromatherapy and adding rituals to my yoga practice. Placing an eye pillow over the eyes in Savasana and misting the yoga mat before practice are little tools that ground you and give you those moments of calm.  There wasn’t a range of all-natural products at the time so I created my own!

What is your mission with Spritz Wellness?

The mission of Spritz Wellness is to use aromatherapy to enhance your yoga practice and sleep routine and find moments of stillness in a busy world.

Which women inspire you?

Women who follow their passion, show resilience, honesty and are in touch with their essence. Its inspiring to see women following their dreams be it a CEO, owner of their own business or a full-time caregiver