3 Ways to Unwind After a Yoga Class

3 Ways to unwind after Yoga Practice to keep the relaxation going


When attending a Yoga practice it is common to leave with a burst of energy  after the workout  but it is also common to leave feeling relaxed and even tired, depending on the type of practice that you have attended.

When youve had a calming and reflective Yoga session it can leave you wanting to carry this feeling on when you get home instead of getting caught up in the hectic everyday and allowing your stress levels to rise again. So how can we extend this feeling of relaxation and calm that we obtain from Yoga when we get home? There are 3 steps that we find effective in extending the period of relaxation which can even result in setting you up for a restful nights sleep.


1. Using Aromatherapy after a Yoga Practice:

Aromatherapy is a powerful tool that uses scent to trigger emotional feelings within the body, for example, the feeling of calm or even happiness as a certain scent can trigger specific emotional responses.

Spritz Wellness aromatherapy products harness the power of natural ingredients to curate soothing and revitalising scents to suit any mood. Their popular Yoga Mat Sprays can be used during the Yoga Practice to restore the mat but to also inject aromatherapy into your practice. By spritzing your mat with a soothing scent it can help to enhance your practice and aid relaxation. However, Spritz Wellness Atmosphere Mists can be used in the home to replicate the affects of the Yoga Mat Spray so that you can bring the benefits of Aromatherapy to your home beyond the mat.

The Relax Atmosphere Mist for example is inspired by relaxing days by the seaside. Calming, soothing and relaxing, a blend of four scents to de-stress the mind and body are bottled up to create a comforting and relaxing environment in the home.

Restorative, soothing and tranquil, the Relax Atmosphere Mist is crafted with the scents of Lavender, Ravensara, Chamomile and Bergamot. These natural ingredients have benefits such as helping with breathing and calming emotions. All Spritz Wellness Atmosphere Mists can be used as a room spray to create a relaxing scent scape or can be sprayed on the bed before sleep.


2. Take a relaxing bath with natural Bath Salts:

Another way to help your body to stay in a relaxed state after your Yoga practice is over is by taking a warm bath with a spoonful of nourishing Bath Salts. A hot bath helps to increase your Melatonin levels naturally and can act as a sleep aid but it is also important to take a bath to relax the muscles and to focus on the physical affects on the body post Yoga. This will ensure that your body recovers from exercising the muscles, especially if your practice consists of advanced Yoga positions and new movements that your muscles arent used to. Bath salts also use the power of aromatherapy to soothe the senses as well as the muscles.


The Spritz Wellness Harmony Bath Salts are made from a blend of Epsom and Himalayan salts to ease muscle pain, calm the body and soften the skin. The key ingredients are Mineral rich Himalayan pink salt and a sea salt blend to cleanse and purify the skin whilst helping with circulation. A sea salt bath is an effective tool to restore hydration with the skin and to aid muscle recovery.

Crafted with a blend of floral and citrus scents, the Harmony Bath Salts turn your bathroom into a sanctuary for relaxation. For the best results, add salts to a warm bath and allow the body to soak for at least 15 minutes. 

3. Unwind with a Wheat Bag:

After a Yoga session, to enhance relaxation an effective way to unwind is to relax with a Wheat Bag. A Wheat Bag is a natural way to soothe aches and pains. Filled with organic wheat and Lavender, the new Spritz Wellness Wheat Bag offers a natural ways to relive neck, back, shoulder and even period cramp pains. Organic Wheat is the key ingredient as Wheat is a natural heat conductor so it has the ability to hold heat for approximately an hour after being heated.

The therapeutic Wheat Bag can be heated up in the microwave or cooled down in the freezer to enable it to be a tool for hot or cold therapy. In order to heat up a Wheat Bag it can be warmed in the microwave for one to two minutes on medium setting and for cold therapy it can be placed in the freezer in a sealed plastic bag to chill for one hour before use.

In order to soothe painful muscles, the heat of the Wheat Bag encourages blood vessels to open to increase the flow of blood through the body.  The heat from the Wheat Bag also helps to block the transmission of pain signals by activating sensory receptors to provide instant relief.

As a result, by placing a hot or cold Wheat Bag on aching muscles the sensation of the temperature, combined with the gentle weight of the Wheat Bag and the organic Wheat it creates a moist heat which soothes muscles more intensely than dry heat. In combination with the soothing scent of Lavender, the Wheat Bag is a very effective tool in relieving pain and increasing relaxation.

Beautifully curated, with a range of Liberty London fabrics, the Wheat Bag is the largest product that Spritz Wellness have produced as it is designed to fit over the shoulders for optimum use for soothing aches and pains.

The Spritz Wellness Wheat Bag is also created with iconic Liberty Fabrics using the Liberty London Tana Lawn material that helps you to feel cosy in Winter and cool in Summer with its breathable and smooth qualities. It also has a removable and washable cover making it an accessory that is made to last.